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Success Stories - GLCI | Kentucky

Brad Hargrove participates in Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI)
Project in Henry County, Kentucky
A Success Story in the Making

Grazing Specialist Sid Brantly and Resource Conservationist Glen Abney inspect Eastern Gamagrass planting in corn field on GLCI Project farm.Landowner Brad Hargrove is implementing a GLCI project on one of his farms in Henry County.

This particular tract of land had been utilized as continuous row crops prior to Mr. Hargrove's purchase in 2004.

For years, the. Hargrove family operated a Charolais cattle operation on his other farm in the county.

He wanted to utilize this new tract of land for expansion of his cattle operation to maximize the forage and grazing potential on this farm.

Mr. Hargrove met with NRCS District Conservationist Greta Steverson, Area Conservationist David Stipes, Grazing Lands Specialist Sid Brantly, Resource Conservationist Glen Abney and Soil Conservationist Jason Hughes to map out the GLCI project details.

The final plan for this project includes:

Ramp installed into lake to provide livestock water access in pasture.

  • installation of
    • interior cross fencing to facilitate prescribed grazing;
    • fencing around ponds to exclude livestock;
    • access ramps into ponds for livestock watering;
  • renovation of current forage stands to reach a more desirable grass/legume mix;
  • conversion of two acres of non-desirable grasses to Eastern Gamagrass;
  • educational opportunities for farmers in the community via a field day at this farm;
  • distribution of educational materials; and
  • participation by Mr. Hargrove in local educational programs such as the Master Grazer Program and Master Cattleman's Program.

Brad Hargrove working on his tractor.Effort toward completion of the project are underway as the Eastern Gamagrass has been seeded and fencing has begun within the paddocks.

The ensuing field day and distribution of educational materials will be a collaborative effort on behalf of Mr. Hargrove, NRCS agency personnel, the Eagle RC&D Council and the Henry County Conservation District.

The project will also utilize local input from organizations such as the Cooperative Extension Service and the Henry County Cattleman's Association.

The field day is scheduled for Spring 2008.