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Klamath Data and Information

Klamath Basin Maps

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Klamath River Basin — By USGS Cataloguing Unit and Sub-watersheds

USGS Cataloguing Units are sometimes referred to as "HUCs:" Hydrologic Unit Code

EPA "Surf Your Watershed" information is available for each Sub-basin below:

Upper Klamath — Sub Basins
Watershed Number Sub-Basin Name State
18010201 Williamson River Sub-basin OR
18010202 Sprague River Sub-basin OR
18010203 Upper Klamath Lake Sub Basin OR
18010204 Lost River Sub Basin CA, OR
18010205 Butte Creek Sub Basin CA
18010206 Upper Klamath River Sub Basin CA, OR


Lower Klamath Sub Basins
Watershed Number Sub-Basin Name State
18010207 Shasta Sub Basin CA
18010208 Scott Sub Basin CA
18010209 Lower Klamath Sub Basin CA, OR
18010210 Salmon Sub Basin CA
18010211 Trinity Sub Basin CA


Local Groups Active in the Upper Klamath River Basin

There are many groups interested in the Klamath River Basin, here are a few that have an interest in the Upper Klamath Basin that also maintain web sites. For a complete listing of groups in the Watershed, please contact the Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District.

Klamath Basin Watershed Data

National Data Sources

Within each "Surf your Watershed" page you have access to Assessments of Watershed Health including the Index of Watershed Indicators (IWI, such as 303D impaired watershed information), Water Information, Land Information, Air, and Local Actions by People in the Watershed.


Oregon Data Sources

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