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Farmers take the field with these Conservation MVPs

By Spencer Miller, a farming fan from NRCS










Every farmer is a coach. You plan in the pre-season, design practice schedules and rack up the wins against a league of determined opponents such as pests, erosion and environmental conditions.

But to go all the way, you need the right lineup. This month we’re highlighting Conservation MVPs who can help you run up the score.

ConservationMadnessCards-MINI Our team captain is none other than Mighty Mini Microbe. Mini and her team of soil microbes provide nutrients for plants to grow healthy and strong. Mini and friends also protect your crops from pests and disease. Healthy soil gives you the home field advantage every time.
ConservationMadnessCards-HiTUNNEL-19 High Tunnels play comprehensive defense, guarding your crops from pests, pesticides and pollen drift. Do you like winning? Because with High Tunnels, your growing season is going to be a lot longer.
ConservationMadnessCards-COVERCROP-19 Cover Crops feed and nourish your entire underground team. They protect against erosion and build organic matter; their roots bring structure and stability to your soil. Keep your team healthy. Keep your team covered.
ConservationMadnessCards-NOTILL Sometimes the best move is to wait. No-Till farming keeps your soil covered and protected. It reduces erosion and improves soil health and water quality. Also, No-Till adoption comes with a signing bonus - it saves you time and money. Talk about win-win.

MVP? More like MVBee. Pollinators are directly responsible for 1/3 of the food we eat. Plant some beautiful native flowers at the edge of your field and soon the swarm will be playing by your side.

Farmers are always in the game, and NRCS is here to help them win it. We have a whole roster of Conservation MVPs eager to join your team. Let’s get started!