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'This American Land' and NRCS

This American Land Webheader

Farmers, ranchers and forest landowners work with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to make conservation improvements to their land each day, and that work is highlighted in the public television series,  “This American Land”   . The show has featured NRCS in six episodes, showing how owners and managers of private lands are improving the quality of water and air, enhancing wildlife habitat and boosting soil health. Watch the videos now below or check listings of your local public television station.

TAL-CriticalAquifer TAL-PrairieChickens-Video Precious Sierra Water YouTube

Critical Aquifer

Prairie Chickens and Bog Turtles

Precious Sierra Water

Water is precious in the West, and producers work diligently to conserve it. Through watering more carefully and investing in soil health, every drop can be put to good use. Meet a few of the conservation heroes in the Ogallala Aquifer region. Watch now.

By using conservation, producers are strengthening their ag operations while helping out some animals in need. Through Working Lands for Wildlife Initiative, producers play a crucial role in creating and enhancing habitat for at-risk species. Watch now.

Conservation is a win-win for the environment and the landowner. See how California producers improve their vineyards, ranches and forests all for the sake of a resource more precious than gold. Watch now.

TAL Farming Upstream TAL Protecting Gulf Organic play

Farming the Upstream

Protecting the Gulf

Back to Organics

It doesn’t matter where you live or farm, you can have an impact downstream. Farmers in Iowa and Illinois are taking voluntary steps to reduce runoff of nutrients and sediment into the Mississippi River basin. Watch now.


In a time of need, America’s farmers, ranchers and forest landowners voluntarily made conservation improvements to their land after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This work aided recovery in the Gulf region. Watch now.

Organic is the fastest growing segment of agriculture. See how NRCS is providing assistance to Montana organic farmers to ensure robust production along with a healthy and regenerative environment. Watch now.