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Construction Inspection (000014)


This training is primarily designed to instruct the construction inspector engaged in evaluating phases, as well as entire projects of complex work constriction operations. It includes: evaluation of earthwork, reinforcement and plain concrete; forms and forming; rockwork; sampling and field tests, drawing and specifics interpretation; and pertinent construction documentation. The course reviews the inspection process and provides guidance on how to analyze and evaluate inspector job performance. Also, the training assesses earthen structures, concrete, steel, rock and geo-textiles.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • interpret basic contract provisions in relation to construction inspection duties and responsibilities
  • maintain records to document information pertinent to construction quality control and compliance to the contract provisions, plans, and specifications
  • interpret drawings and specifications and required test results in terms of the project being constructed
  • identify the critical aspects and required field tests for mixing, placing, finishing and curing concrete for various structural applications
  • explain the necessary procedures and field testing for placing and controlling earth and rock fills in structural measures
  • describe the necessary procedures for the proper selection of materials and installation of various slope protection measures that include rock rip rap, concrete blocks, gabions, and related materials
  • list the safety requirements and identify unsafe conditions on a construction site


Basic knowledge of algebra and general math and some field experience in the installation of basic conservation structural measures.


4 days

Target Audience

Engineers, construction inspectors, and field technicians and those who will be assigned responsibility in the construction field may attend

NEDC Contact

Stanley Sackeyfio

Technical Specialist

Dennis Clute, Construction Engineer        


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