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ESRI Virtual Campus Training


The ESRI Virtual Campus training provides a high-quality learning experience using interactive exercises, examples, and instructional resources to create a rich learning environment.

Web courses teach a variety of topics related to ESRI software, the theory underlying GIS technology, and the application of GIS tools in particular fields. Some Web courses include downloadable trial editions of ESRI software.

Are you new to online self-paced courses on our Virtual Campus? The course orientation [Flash] [non-Flash version] provides a tutorial on how to navigate a Virtual Campus course.

Premium License

This license includes all Virtual Campus courses authored exclusively by ESRI and courses authored by experts outside of ESRI. View the list of courses.


Each course provides individual learning objectives.

Prerequisites and Recommendation

  • Each user must have an ESRI Global Account Login.
  • Participants should be familiar with the Windows operating system.
  • Refer to each course prerequisites and recommendations.

Duration and Expiration

Each learning module of a Web course takes approximately three hours to complete. Each license code is valid for one year.

Target Audience

These courses are intended for new GIS users as well as experienced users.

The subscription is available to FSA, NRCS, RD, and SWCD employees.

Course Contacts

FSA: Danette Danner and Amy Penechar

NRCS and SWCD: Ron Selph

RD: Keith Mitchell

Subscription Contact

Marisa Capriotti


Please email the following information to the appropriate contact:

  • Course Title
  • Your name
  • The email you want the code(s) sent to
  • Your phone number