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Digital Soil Survey Mapping and Updating (000144)


This course will provide training in the use of GIS software for on-screen soil survey mapping and editing. Training will focus on equipping soil survey project offices to efficiently produce quality products that will meet Soil Survey Geographic Databases (SSURGO) standards. Training will cover advanced features of the most current version of software programs such as ESRI ArcGIS 8.3 ArcInfo option and 3dMapper commercial version.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and acquire the appropriate spatial data layers necessary to create and maintain a soils map digitally. Process and prepare those layers using appropriate map projections and file format conversions for use in the most current GIS software;
  2. Setup geodatabases with topology in ArcGIS 8.3, import or create data layers, and set up the map environment in preparation for creating new soil surveys or editing existing digital soils data;
  3. Utilize ArcMap and/or 3dMapper in combination with appropriate data sets to accurately draft and revise soil mapping on-screen, meeting national standards;
  4. Import, create and display geo-referenced information (field notes, transects….) used to validate soil map accuracy. Create or edit metadata to capture the data sources and processes used in the development of SSURGO and related data; and
  5. Deliver certifiable soils spatial data to the digitizing units for processing and posting to the soil data warehouse, having met SSURGO standards and passing MLRA Office quality assurance.


  • ArcGIS1987 Corps of Engineers Wetland Manual, 3rd Edition NFSAM.
  • Hydrology tools for Wetland Determination Manual (HTWDM).


32 Hours



Target Audience

Soil Scientists at GS-9 level and higher or staff providing soil survey GIS support

NEDC Coordinator

Kathy Buttle

Technical Coordinator

Shawn McVey


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Digital Soil Survey Mapping and Updating  (NRCS-NEDC-000144)