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Environmental Procedures & Document Preparation


This course is the upper level course in the NRCS environmental training curriculum. It is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to apply what they learned in both the Environmental Compliance for Conservation Assistance (EC Level 1) and Environmental Processes for Programs and Projects (EC Level 2) Web-based Courses.

In this “hands on” Level 3 Course, students learn about and apply tools to:

  • Organize and manage the environmental aspects of the NRCS planning process;
  • Analyze the effects of proposed actions and alternatives; and
  • Communicate the results of that analysis effectively through practice in developing portions of EA’s and EIS’s.

The course addresses other environmental requirements, but does not provide practice writing biological assessments or any other assessments related to a specific technical discipline. This course reviews the requirements for recording the outcomes of the NRCS planning process and teaches how to synthesize them into environmental documents to comply with NEPA and other environmental laws.



At the end of this course participants will be able to:  

  • Manage complex/controversial NEPA processes;
  • Identify and apply tools to analyze and meaningfully communicate the results of analysis;
  • Utilize techniques that increase efficiency;
  • Integrate consideration of other environmental requirements into preparation of NEPA documents; and
  • Formulate technically sound and defensible NEPA documents. 






24 Hours

Target Audience

NEDC Contact

Sue Brooks

Technical Contacts

Matthew Judy


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Environmental Procedures & Document Preparation (NRCS-NEDC-000225).