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Contract Administration for Construction Contracts (000015)


This course informs participants of established administrative and technical procedures, contract requirements for construction, and interrelated responsibilities, duties and authorities of concurring parties. Instruction is designed to cover the following areas of contracting: technical responsibilities; administrative responsibilities; kinds of contracts; responsibilities of cooperating organizations; contract documentation standards; showing job sites; procedures for awarding contracts; compliance with contract requirements; supervision of subordinates; inspection and acceptance; and reports.

This course does not fulfill the requirements for COR Level II certification. This course equals 32 hours of CLPs but only 8 hours will be granted towards the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Level II certification. The course covers the training needed to perform as an NRCS COR for a construction contract; however, additional training is needed in order to be certified as a Level II COR. 


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret construction contract provisions, drawings and specifications.
  • Describe when contract performance is not in compliance with the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract and describe the corrective actions necessary to achieve compliance.
  • Perform all tasks and responsibilities related to the final acceptance of work, and prepare the necessary reports and required supportive documentation.
  • Provide detailed count of the roles and responsibilities of local cooperating agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service under the terms of the project agreement covering the construction work.
  • Recognize some of the safety hazards in construction work and relate an understanding of the applicable contract provisions.


General knowledge of contracts and contract administration.


4 days

Target Audience

Employees who are or will be serving as contracting officers, contract specialists, project engineers, construction inspectors, contracting officer technical representatives, or government representatives.

NEDC Coordinator

Dean Prine

Technical Coordinator

Dennis Clute

David Pacheco



Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Contract Administration for Construction Contracts (NRCS-NEDC-000015).