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Beef Production for NRCS Employees (W) (000246)


This course provides self-paced training modules to acquaint NRCS field employees with relevant production principles related to beef cattle production. The course will provide employees with a broad range of knowledge that will help them to be conversant in dealing with beef cattle producers. The course provides information on the beef production industry itself, breeds and breeding, nutrition, marketing, health, public issues, and the environment...


Many NRCS field employees have very little background related to the beef industry. Upon successful completion of this course, field employees will become knowledgeable at the basic level on primary topics in the area of beef cattle production in order to better serve clientele. This course will provide enough depth in many areas of beef production that employees will be able to be conversant with producers about the daily workings and procedures on cattle operations that are not related to NRCS conservation practices.


Teaching sections have been developed under the general headings of: Genetics - including applicable production levels, breeding systems, breeds, individual selection Nutrition - including comparison of ruminants and non-ruminants, nutrient requirements, feedstuffs to provide requirements, grazing systems, feed preparation, Reproduction - including reproductive anatomy and physiology, development of replacement heifers, interaction with genetics and nutrition, management for optimal reproductive levels Health - including diseases, parasites, vaccination and treatment programs, foreign animal diseases and biosecurity, cattle/human disease transfer Facilities, Handling, and Environment - including facilities, housing systems, waste management, water sources and quality Economics and Marketing - including costs of production, marketing methods, financial records and management Public Issues - including animal care and welfare, public lands, laws, product promotion Beef Cattle Conservation

Deliver Method

Classroom and field visits




5-7 hours

Target Audience

NRCS employees dealing with the beef industry

NEDC Contact

Andre Alix

Technical Coordinator

Glenn Carpenter


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Beef Production for NRCS Employees (NEDC-NRCS-000246)