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NRCS Career Maps

Explore Career Paths and Plan your Career Goals at NRCS. Career Maps are designed to give you the information you need to explore and pursue opportunities at NRCS, including:

  • Descriptions of occupations within and outside your current occupation group;
  • Visual maps of available GS levels for each occupation, including staff and supervisory positions;
  • Competencies required for success at each grade level, including occupation-specific, foundational, and leadership and management competencies;
  • Career Guides with recommended development opportunities;
  • And more!

Career Maps are currently available for the NRCS’s Mission Support Services Occupational Groups presented below. Click on the group icon to explore the occupations within the group.

Mission Support Services Groups

Human Resources Group

Jobs in the Human Resources (HR) Group fall within OPM’s HR and Training Occupational Families. They are involved in the various phases of human resources management, including workforce strategy, recruitment and selection, benefits, labor and employee relations, and employee development.

Budget and Financial Management Group

Jobs in the Budget and Financial Management Group fall within OPM’s Accounting and Budget Occupational Family. They are responsible for professional, technical, or clerical work of an accounting, budget administration, related financial management, or similar nature.

Procurement and Property Group

Jobs in the Procurement and Property Group fall within OPM’s Business and Industry Occupational Family. They are responsible for work pertaining to business and trade practices, including collecting and analyzing information; the establishing and maintaining contracts; and evaluating products, services, or property.

If you have any questions about the Career Maps or Career Guides, please contact the Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) Employee Development Section (FEDS).

*Discuss developmental opportunities with your supervisor or mentor. Please note that while the Career Maps and Guides are tools to help you make informed decisions about your career, following them does not guarantee advancement into a new position.