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Working Effectively with American Indians Training

Working Effectively with American Indians Training

In this week-long National Employee Development Center (NEDC) course, participants will enjoy

learning from local tribal representatives and NRCS employees from across the country who have

many years of experience working with tribal nations. This training is open to all federal employees.


Discover a working knowledge of:

• Traditional tribal ways, the role of tribal elders, and cultural do’s and don’ts;

• The history of American Indian Tribes, treaties between tribes and the US government, executive order, laws, acts, policy, and tribal land status;

• What federal trust responsibility is, consultation, and protocols when working with tribes  as a government representative;

• What it means to work nation to nation and/or government to government with sovereign nations, how to build partnerships with tribes, and an understanding of tribal  law and tribal governments

• How to identify and navigate around obstacles/barriers to working with tribes by using tools such as the Nine Steps of Conservation Planning, the guiding principles of federal employees’ roles and responsibilities, the Indigenous Stewardship Guide, and agency general manual.

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