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Effective Training Location Leaders (000134)


The job of a training location leader is critical to the development of a strong NRCS workforce.  Employees in these positions must be technically sound and possess the additional skills for training and developing new employees.

The Effective Training Location Leaders training program is a multi-part program.  Your servicing administrative office will provide any classroom training associated with this web portion or any supplemental activities. 

This Web portion is designed to provide a uniform foundation for the classroom training.  It is understood that each state or administrative unit in NRCS may have specific requirements and instructions for training location leaders.

This Web portion provides only an introduction to the important issues associated with being a training location leader.  It is not a complete training program if used alone.


Upon completion of the Web portion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become an effective training location leader.

  • Locate and use a variety of resources available to training location leaders.

Upon completion of the classroom portion (depending on the design) of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and meet any state specific requirements for training location leaders

  • Correctly complete all state specific administrative forms and activities associated with facilitating the development of trainees

  • Discuss the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective training location leader

  • Demonstrate in a classroom setting, specific interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective training location leader




Web-based portion - 1 hour
Classroom portion - 2 to 4 days

Target Audience

Training Location Leaders

Note to Training Officers

This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download a adobe acrobat document Training Officers File (88KB)

This file contains:

  • 0ptions for conducting classroom sessions
  • Suggested agendas

NEDC Contact

Sue Brooks


This program was developed by the NEDC with considerable assistance from NRCS-Georgia.  The following people  from Georgia served on the design team:

  • Pat Hood-Greenberg
  • Mary Leidner 
  • Joel Wood
  • Cindy Askew
  • Ken Gran

The "actors" in the Web-based portion are NRCS employees in Georgia:

  • District Conservationist - Mary Leidner
  • Trainee - Eddie Glover
  • Technician - Jimmy Bradley

The photos used in the program are by Art Greenberg, NRCS.


Contact your supervisor to determine what classroom training is provided by your servicing administrative office. 

Web Portion of ETLL

The web portion of the ETLL training program is offered in two versions.  The 508 Version is provided to enable those with disabilities to participate fully in the training.  If you need to use this version select the phrase "508 Version" below.  If you do not need to use this version select the "Non 508 version" below.

508 Version (Text only)

Non 508 Version (Text and interactive graphics)