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Working Effectively With Alaskan Natives (000147)


This course is for field personnel to provide awareness and basic understanding of the culture, history, and protocol of Alaska Natives and their land. Delivery is provided in a classroom setting, usually in a Native setting or during an Alaska Native gathering event. The session, taught predominantly by Alaska Native instructors, is designed to sensitize and inform. Participants experience facets of Native culture, i.e. song and dance, food, and games, as well as interaction with elders and tribal representatives.


As a result of this training the participants will be able to:

  • Describe a time-line of significant historical events in the Alaskan Native culture.
  • Describe significant actions regarding the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
  • Describe significant actions regarding the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.
  • Distinguish and describe different cultural and language groups and their general location.
  • Describe different cultural, spiritual and environmental beliefs.
  • Describe various Alaska Native Entities.
  • List various contemporary issues of Alaska Natives.
  • Identify and describe cross cultural communication protocol.
  • Identify and describe your role in a more effective working relationship with Alaska Natives.




Three days

Target Audience

All employees and conservation partners working either directly or indirectly with Native Alaskans.

NEDC Contact

Sue Brooks


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Working Effectively With Alaska Natives (000147).