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Windows Pesticide Screening Tool - WIN-PST

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What is WIN-PST?

WIN-PST is a pesticide environmental risk screening tool that NRCS field office conservationists, extension agents, crop consultants, pesticide dealers and producers can use to evaluate the potential for pesticides to move with water and eroded soil/organic matter and affect non-target organisms... More

WIN-PST 3.1 Software

WIN-PST 3.1.3 is CCE Certified! Patch Released 2-25-2014

Fixes in WIN-PST 3.1.3 include:

  • Screens now appear correctly on all screen text sizes (DPI)
  • Fixed export issues with products with the same active ingredient.
  • Additional error logging for soils imports.
  • The website address has been changed to direct users to the current WIN-PST webpage.
  • Additional fixes to exports allow more standard behavior in naming files.
  • Additional decimal places have been added to the pesticide database which allows active ingredients with extremely low percentages to display properly on the Products tab.

Download and Installing WIN-PST 3.1:

Note: Version 3.1.3 is a patch to the current installed version 3.1.2. You must have version 3.1.2 installed before you can install this patch. WIN-PST 3.1.3 works on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Inside NRCS:
For NRCS users that already have version 3.1.2, as of 2-25-14, WIN-PST will automatically updated to version 3.1.3. Submit a Remedy Help Desk Ticket to request WIN-PST 3.1.3 installation if it is not already installed.

For people outside of NRCS: WIN-PST 3.1 must be installed by an “administrator” of your computer. If you own your own computer, you are probably already the "administrator". You will also need basic Windows skills like navigating folders and executing files. Please go through all the installation steps below before you try to run WIN-PST.

If you are new to WIN-PST (you don't have WIN-PST installed).

Download and install each version in order:

  1. Install the base WIN-PST version: WIN-PST 3.1.13.
  2. Install the WIN-PST 3.1.2 Patch.
  3. Install the WIN-PST 3.1.3 Patch.
    If you are using Microsoft Explorer or Microsoft Edge to install
    the WIN-PST 3.1.3 Patch you must:
    a) Download the patch using "Save As" or "Save target as."
    b) Change the extension from "*.man" to "*.msp."
    c) Double click on "UpdateWIN-PST3.1.30.msp" to run the patch update.

If you already have version another version of WIN-PST installed:

  • If you have version 3.1.2 simply download and install the WIN-PST 3.1.3 Patch.
  • If you have version 3.1.13 simply download and install the WIN-PST 3.1.2 Patch followed by the version 3.1.3 Patch.

WIN-PST 3.1 Soils

WIN-PST 3.1 takes soils directly from the SSURGO soils database (SSURGO Version 2.1 format)

Within NRCS:

The SSURGO database is either found in Section II of the Field Office Guide or on the 'F:' or 'G:' drives (e.g., F:\geodata\soils). If your soils data is stored in Section II, you should not have problems connecting to the database. Security restrictions on the ".\geodata\soils\" folder may cause WIN-PST to not recognize SSURGO database correctly. If the data is stored within ".\geodata\soils\" it is advised that you make copies of the desired SSURGO database on your local drive (e.g., C:\Users\\Documents\WIN-PST Soils). Note: Some states have placed the SSURGO data in other places. Contact your state's soil, GIS, or ITS staff for the correct drive and folder.

Outside of NRCS:

Users can download the soils data from Web Soil Survey. The SSURGO database can be placed anywhere on your computer. Make sure that if you have a laptop, that you don’t put it on a remote shared drive that is not available when you are not connected to the LAN (Local Area Network.) For more detailed information on working with Web Soil Survey soils including populating the empty SSURGO template with soils data, see:

Instructions on downloading and populating WIN-PST soils (PDF)

Pesticide Data Update (Released 2-9-22)

A data update is available for WIN-PST 3.1 pesticide data. The update includes:

  • All active ingredients from past updates.
  • 11 New active ingredients added.
  • Synchronization with EPA Pesticide Product Registration Database as of 2-9-22.


WIN-PST 3.1 Pesticide Update 2-9-22
Note: This update requires WIN-PST version 3.1.3.


Instructions for updating WIN-PST 3.1 Pesticide Data

Previous Updates:

WIN-PST Supporting Documents