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14 Choctaw Co EQIP Program Executive Summary

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Choctaw County, Alabama, announces that the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) sign-up for the 2014 Fiscal Year is open and applications are being taken on a continuous basis.

EQIP is a voluntary program that provides assistance to farmers and producers who face threats to soil, water, air, and other related natural resources on their land. Eligible land includes cropland, pastureland, private non-industrial timberland, and other farm lands.

If you have a resource concern or problem on your land that you need assistance to solve, and are interested in the EQIP program, please come by and fill out an application at:

Choctaw County Soil and Water Conservation District
117 S. Mulberry Avenue
Butler, Alabama 36904
Phone: 205-459-2496
Fax: 205-459-3695


Livingston Field Office 
106 Marshall Street, Federal Building Room 202
Livingston, Alabama  35470
Hours: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
Phone: 205-652-7521
Fax: 205-651-9615
Contact: District Conservationist

The deadline for consideration and ranking of applications will be October 18, 2013. Additional batching periods will be scheduled as needed. Unfunded applications will be kept on hand and will be considered for funding at a later date should additional funds become available.

All applications will be ranked and approved based on the NRCS local county ranking worksheet. Individuals with the highest point totals generated from this worksheet will be ranked higher in consideration to receive financial assistance than those with lower point totals. In the event of a tie ranking score, the earlier application date will receive first consideration for funding. At least the highest ranking application in each resource concern will be funded, if funds are available. Applicants who agree to treat cogon grass and are within the treatment range of 2 to 5 acres may receive additional ranking points if they agree to chemically treat and eradicate. 

EQIP funds will be used to address local resource concerns in Choctaw County. The local workgroup has decided that the following resource concerns will be considered with priorities assigned as follows:

  1. Grazing Lands
  2. Forest Health and Wildlife
  3. Soil Erosion
  4. Water Quality
  5. Irrigation Water Management


All conservation practices and financial assistance will be the same as in the Alabama NRCS state approved EQIP Practice and Payment Schedule with the following exceptions.

  • Tree and Shrub Establishment suite of practices all combined (612, 394, 490, 338) will be limited to $8,000 per applicant for loblolly planting and $10,000 per applicant for longleaf planting.
  • Spraying for invasive species such as cogongrass, kudzu, and privet will be limited to a maximum of $2,500 per applicant.
  • Perimeter fencing of any type is a non-financial assistance item and will not be contracted on in Choctaw County with county allocated funds but may be permitted with state wide allocated funds in small ruminants’ woodland grazing scenarios.  

Limited Resource Farmers, New and Beginning Farmers, and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers will be paid at an increased payment rate. 

Additional information is available on the National NRCS EQIP website