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NRCS Website

On the evening of Nov. 1, the NRCS website ( got a facelift. All U.S. Department of Agriculture websites are adopting a similiar look-and-feel as the USDA website. We hope this will bring our web visitors a similiar experience across all USDA agencies, as well make it easier to find the content and information you need.

While it's out with the old and in with the new, learn what we've changed to help you navigate our new web layout.

New capabilities

A-Z index: On the top right of every page on the website, you will find an A-Z index of all the topics on the NRCS website. We've added this to the search capabilities and browse by audience capability to help you find the information you need.

Featured stories: Our new site makes it easier to feature more stories and information on the homepage, and we'll use our web analytic data to feature the information that our web visitors seek the most.

Social media: We've made it easier to find our social media sites, which can be found through the social media icons on each webpage. Find NRCS on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and we blog as well. Also, you can sign up for automated email updates through GovDelivery for the topics that most interest you.

Navigation & Content

The content remains the same, but how you find it may be different. The browse by subject section of our old website has been replaced by the Topics tab on the top left of each page.  You can also use the A-Z index to find the topics covered on our site.

On the old website, our links and navigation structure could be found on both the right and left sides of almost every page. In our new layout, this navigation structure has been consolidated to the left side of the page. You can click on the small "+"symbol in the left navigation structure to drill down and learn more about the topics of your choice.


Please give us any feedback you have on our new web layout and design.