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In Texas, Fresh Organic Food Grown Right in the City

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food!Lillian Chou.

Tree Grace Farms is getting quite a reputation in Lubbock, Texas. Tree Grace specializes in growing organic fruit and vegetables, all within the Lubbock city limits. City and rural residents alike flock to this unique farm and gardening business to pick their own fresh produce.  

According to farm owner Lillian Chou, conservation is the mainstay of their operation.  She said they have been working with the Lubbock County Soil and Water Conservation District and the NRCS since 2005 when Chou’s daughter, Szu-han Ho requested assistance from the NRCS to develop a conservation plan.  

NRCS District Conservationist Randy Underwood said, “Through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Chou, her daughter, Szu-han, and Sherry Pullen, farm managing assistant have developed an irrigation water management plan and increased irrigation efficiencies using mid-elevation spray applications; they’ve implemented nutrient and pest management and addressed wind erosion concerns applying surface roughening.”

In addition to these practices, Chou said NRCS has also helped to establish their native grass pasture on the north side of the gardens.

Not only does Tree Grace Farms, named for Chou's father, provide fresh vegetables and fruit, they educate children in Lubbock about the importance of good, healthy food.  Progressive Farmer Magazine has featured Tree Grace and its efforts to teach children about urban organic agriculture. Chou wants schoolkids and their parents to know the opportunities available to visit Tree Grace Farms.  

Chou said a great time to visit is in the spring on an Earth Day field trip, when kids can help plant peas, melons and other crops; then in the fall they can return to literally help harvest the fruits of their labors.

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Learn more about the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.