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Florida WRP Photographs Brevard County

Moccasin Island, Florida WRP project.Moccasin Island, Florida WRP site on April 29, 2003 during a visit by the St. John's River Water Management
District staff and NRCS Brevard County  D.C. David Millard.


The site is reverting back to native wetland vegetation and the bird species diversity and abundance is tremendous.

Avian species observed included: white pelicans; greater and lesser yellowlegs; black-necked stilts (nesting); great blue herons; great egrets; snowy egrets;  Louisiana herons; bald eagle; ospreys; white ibis; glossy ibis; roseate spoonbills (shown in this photograph); northern harriers; wood storks; semi-palmated plovers;  unidentified small sandpipers; mottled ducks (Florida mallards); blue-winged teal; black skimmers; and royal terns.  

Some species like the spoonbills, black-necked stilts, black skimmers, sandpipers, and lesser yellowlegs occurred in flocks or aggregations of over 100 individuals.

Dominant wetland vegetation re-colonizing the site includes: duck potato; pickerel weed; sawgrass; bulrush; soft rush; smartweed; and cattail.