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Early NRCS Featured In Ken Burns Dust Bowl Documentary


“Nothing was more important than the Soil Conservation Service, headed by Hugh Hammond Bennett, who came in at the local level to reeducate farmers.” Ken Burns, in The following link takes you off the NRCS websiteNatural History Magazine.


The Natural Resources Conservation Service thanks filmmaker Ken Burns for featuring our agency in his new documentary “The Dust Bowl,” airing November 18 and 19 on PBS.    


A man walking into the wind in a sandy, grassless field, with birds flying around.

A man walking into the wind among  crop rows filled by sand

A man walking into the wind among crop rows filled with sand.

A horse-drawn wagon, buriedA horse-drawn wagon, buried by the Dust Bowl
A house buried up to the roof,A house buried up to the roof, by the Dust Bowl.
For more historical photos of SCS / NRCS, please see the NRCS Photo Gallery's Historial Section.

extent of dust bowl map, 1935 -1938




During the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, we were called the Soil Conservation Service. Our mission was to help farmers take better care of their land. Today, we have an expanded mission – working with producers, landowners and partners to protect and conserve soil, water, air, plants and animals on privately owned lands throughout America and the world.

Unearth the history of NRCS and preview the Dust Bowl documentary...

A Brief History of NRCS

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The following link takes you off the NRCS websiteThe Dust Bowl - documentary page on PBS' website


Help prevent another Dust Bowl...

Maintaining healthy soils is one way to prevent another Dust Bowl. Keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. Learn what you can do to improve the health of your soil.