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Farm Energy Tips

Five Tips to Save Energy on Your Farm or Ranch

nullFarmers and ranchers can reduce costs, protect soil and water resources and save money while they help to improve the Nation’s environmental health.  The tips below will show you how:

  • Use conservation practices such as crop residue management, integrated pest management, irrigation water management, precision agriculture, nutrient management and windbreaks/shelterbelts. These conservation practices contribute to energy efficiency and fuel savings.
  • Use NRCS’s various conservation programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Conservation Stewardship Program to help you reduce your energy costs and improve farm productivity.
  • Use our four energy estimators—animal housing, irrigation, nitrogen and tillage—to identify areas where you can reduce energy and costs.
  • Use on-farm energy audits to conserve energy on your farm or ranch.
  • Use technical service providers to help you identify areas for energy improvements.

Success Stories

Learn more about how NRCS is helping private landowners conserve energy.