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Lenore Marken, Earth Team Volunteer

Lenore Marken, Earth Team Volunteer for the Central National Technology Support Center, began volunteering at the Fort Worth Federal Center in the beginning of January.  She worked as a wetland biologist for Minnesota NRCS for four years prior to her husband accepting a promotion to work for NGMC, which brought them to Texas in 2008.   From 1988 to 2004 Lenore worked for county, city and state governments in Washington and Minnesota as an environmental planner and/or wetland specialist.  She also worked for an environmental consulting firm for two years in Minnesota where she gained experience working for the private sector.  Lenore received her certification as a Professional Wetland Scientist from the Society of Wetland Scientist in 2005.  She enjoys spending time outdoors gardening, biking, hiking, camping and spending time with her husband, horse, two dogs and three goats. 

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