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About the Wildlife Team, CNTSC

National Wildlife Team





Fish and wildlife represent important resource concerns across all land uses, even when the primary use of those lands may be for agricultural production.  Most of the conservation delivery by NRCS occurs on these working lands and most land users are interested in multiple resource benefits from their lands.  We work in partnership with others to develop and deliver science-based products and training that allow NRCS personnel to effectively and efficiently consider fish and wildlife in resource management activities. 

Our Mission

To provide technical excellence to NRCS and its conservation partners in the acquisition, development, coordination, and delivery of technology that meets the needs of landowners and the public while accommodating fish and wildlife.

Our Expertise

Extensive training and experience with wetlands, wetland associated wildlife, and site- to landscape-scale assessments of wildlife responses to agricultural practices and USDA conservation programs.


  • To identify/clarify technical needs associated with delivery of fish and wildlife conservation on private lands.
  • In cooperation with others, locate, acquire, develop, and adapt science-based products related to fish and wildlife conservation.
  • To deliver new technologies to NRCS and its conservation partners at multiple levels via webinars, technical reports, workshops, training sessions, symposia, and consultation.

National Wildlife Team

Name Title Phone E-mail
Vacant Leader    
William L. Hohman (Retired) Wildlife Biologist 817-509-3332


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