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Soil Conservation / Soil Conservationist

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Soil Conservationists at the Natural Resources Conservation Service are line officers who plan the application of total resource management systems and provide conservation planning assistance from initial evaluation to completion. Soil conservationists possess a practical knowledge of the methods and techniques of soil, water, and environmental conservation as they relate to agricultural operations and land use measures. These personnel also help landowners with issues such as dealing with soil, water, air, plants, and animal resource concerns. For detailed information about the Soil Conservationist occupation, see the NRCS Soil Conservationist Career Guide.

In the diagrams below, you can view the career map of the traditional path for this occupation. View Summary information about each position in this occupation by clicking on the position.

Soil Conservationists can also eventually become State Conservationists. In most situations, to become a State Conservationist you must either:

  • Serve as an Assistant State Conservationist for Operations or Assistant State Conservationist for Programs.
  • Have experience with the responsibilities of these two positions if you are unable to serve in both.

Learn more about how to prepare for a State Conservationist position.

Soil Conservationist Path