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NRCS Greenhouse Gas Conservation Innovation Grants – Resources and Information

Conservation Innovation Grants (CIGs) - Greenhouse Gas Awardees: Fiscal Year 2011

In fiscal year 2011, the Natural Resources Conservation Service awarded CIG grants specifically for Greenhouse Gas mitigation and carbon sequestration opportunities. To view a brief summary of the GHG Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) click here. The information includes the state(s) in which the project will be carried out, the total amount of NRCS funding provided, project title, and a brief project description. 

This informational webpage has been developed to facilitate information exchange between the CIG recipients and NRCS state offices throughout the implementation phase of the projects.  Resources on this page are intended to be dynamic and continually updated, especially throughout FY13 during the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) rollout. 

NRCS Greenhouse Gas Conservation Innovation Grants and Fiscal Year 2013 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Assistance

General Information and Resources

National Bulletin to States Informing them of FY13 EQIP Funds Availability for CIG-Participating Producers (53.8 KB)

National Communication to State Conservationists regarding EQIP Funds Supporting Greenhouse Gas Conservation Innovation Grant Projects (289 KB)

Useful Information and Resources for NRCS Offices

Fact Sheet: The Palouse Soil Carbon Project

Fact Sheet: Delta Institute- Bringing Greenhouse Gas Benefits to Market

Fact Sheet: The Fertilizer Institute - Reducing N2O Losses from Cropping Systems for Environmental Credits with Fertilizer BMP’s

new_icon_flag_2Fact Sheet: Special EQIP Project for Grazing Lands in Central and Eastern North Dakota

new_icon_flag_2 Fact Sheet: Mississippi – Greenhouse Gas Project

new_icon_flag_2 Special EQIP Project for Grazing Lands

Notice: Conservation Innovation Grants Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Announcement for Program Funding (75.5 KB)

Fact Sheet: Conservation Innovation Grant Program for Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Promoting Carbon Sequestration (December 2010) (47 KB)

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Useful Information and Resources for Grant Recipients

National CIG information - NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program

National EQIP information - NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)   

NRCS State Office sites

NRCS State Offices' EQIP sites

EQIP Funds Press Releases

EQIP in Arkansas
EQIP in California
Press Release
EQIP in Idaho
Press Release
EQIP in Illinois
EQIP in Iowa
Press Release 
EQIP in Michigan
EQIP in Mississippi
Press Release 
EQIP in North Dakota
EQIP in Oklahoma
EQIP in Oregon
Press Release 
EQIP in Pennsylvania
EQIP in Virginia
Press Release 
EQIP in Washington




Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases link to NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant recipients and project descriptions CAGG_logo2013

Press and Media Coverage

WESTERN FARM PRESS: California rice ahead of curve on reducing greenhouse gases

Rice contributes about a tenth of 1 percent of the GHG emissions from California’s agriculture sector – nearly the same as the global contribution. California rice emits an estimated three to four tons of GHGs per acre per year, with a potential reduction of half a ton through costly control measures. This translates to just $5 an acre on the current carbon trading market.

Western Farmer Stockman: EQIP Funding For Lancaster And Chester County Conservation Initiatives

NRCS awards EQIP fundings for special nutrient management programs in two southeast Pennsylvania counties. Apply before Feb. 15.

new_icon_flag_2Lancaster Farming: Lancaster, Chester County Farms Eligible for Special Funding

The Natural Resources Conservation Service has awarded special funding for a Chesapeake Bay Foundation partnership project to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases on farms in Lancaster and Chester Counties.

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GHG CIG Contact: Adam Chambers, Ph.D.
Physical Scientist, Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team
USDA-NRCS West National Technology Support Center
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Suite 1000
Portland OR 97232-1202
ph. 503.273.2410 fax: 503.273.2401