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Public Affairs

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Communicating with our customers and stakeholders

The Public Affairs Division provides communications products and services to advance the NRCS Mission. The division has five teams that serve our employees, customers, and stakeholders to get them information on our programs and services. Those teams include:

  • Regional Public Affairs  - located in North Carolina, Texas and Oregon, this team works closely with the states in their region.
  • Internal/External Public Affairs - our professionals that deal with the media and communication to our employees.
  • Web Service/Product Design - manages our website and creates printed products.
  • Publication Distribution/Volunteers - located in Iowa, this group provides free publications and shipping to numerous employees and customers. Our Earth Team Volunteer program is also managed by this team.
  • Executive Correspondence Management - serves our employees and customers by answering customer/stakeholder questions and concerns.

Visit our online newsroom to find the latest information, including news releases, feature stories, downloadable media files and more. For information on NRCS programs and assistance, visit Get Started with NRCS.