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Jimmy Bramblett serves as the Deputy Chief for Programs

Jimmy Bramblett serves as the Deputy Chief for Programs (conservation planning and program delivery) with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). In this position, he is responsible for developing policies and procedures to invest the Agency’s 4-plus billion dollars of technical and financial resources in a customer service oriented and scientifically defensible manner. 

Prior to his current position, Jimmy served as the Deputy Chief for Science and Technology (S&T) with NRCS where he was responsible for developing, establishing and promulgating policies, guidelines and standards for NRCS technical activities. 

Jimmy also served as the Wisconsin State Conservationist for four years prior to his time as the Deputy Chief for S&T. 

He also served as the Chief of Staff for Regional Conservationists at National Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and as Acting Mississippi River Basin Coordinator at National Headquarters

His many roles with NRCS-Georgia such as Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, Assistant State Conservationist for Water Resources, Water Resources Planning Team Leader, Water Quality Specialist, Resource Conservationist, Economist and Cartographic Technician have given Jimmy experience in many facets of NRCS. These include the development and implementation of Agreements, Ecological Sciences Standards and Specifications, Engineering Policy and Projects, Farm Bill Programs, Federal Contracts, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, National Resources Inventory, Operations Management, Soil Sciences and Water Resources Projects. 

While working for NRCS, Jimmy also served as an Instructor for the National Employee Development Center, as a member of the Agency’s Master Facilitator Cadre, and as a Team Member on many special initiatives and rule-making opportunities at the national level.

Jimmy Bramblett, Deputy Chief for Programs