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NRCS Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs

NRCS has 18 Title VI Federally recognized Assisted and Conducted Programs.  These programs are named in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.   The primary purpose of the Catalog is to assist users in identifying programs that meet specific objectives of the potential applicant, and to obtain general information on Federal assistance programs. In addition, the intent of the Catalog is to improve coordination and communication between the Federal government and State and local governments.

The NRCS programs selected for inclusion in the Federal assistance data base are defined as any function of a Federal agency that provides assistance or benefits for a State or States, territorial possession, county, city, other political subdivision, grouping, or instrumentality thereof; any domestic profit or nonprofit corporation, institution, or individual, other than an agency of the Federal government.

A "Federal domestic assistance program" may in practice be called a program, an activity, a service, a project, a process, or some other name, regardless of whether it is identified as a separate program by statute or regulation. It will be identified in terms of its legal authority, administering office, funding, purpose, benefits, and beneficiaries.

"Assistance" or "benefits" refers to the transfer of money, property, services, or anything of value, the principal purpose of which is to accomplish a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by Federal statute. Assistance includes, but is not limited to grants, loans, loan guarantees, scholarships, mortgage loans, insurance, and other types of financial assistance, including cooperative agreements; property, technical assistance, counseling, statistical, and other expert information; and service activities of regulatory agencies. It does not include the provision of conventional public information services.

Listed below are NRCS’ Title VI Federally recognized Assisted and Conducted Programs.  To obtain more information regarding an individual program, click on the program link and it will provide you with a brief summary of the program and eligibility requirements.


Agricultural Management Assistance (Conducted)

Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (Conducted)

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Program (Conducted)

Conservation Security Program (Archive) (Conducted)

Conservation  Stewardship Program (Assisted)

Emergency Watershed Protection Program (Assisted)

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (Conducted)

Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (Conducted)

Grassland Reserve Program (Conducted)

Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP) (Conducted)

Plant Materials for Conservation (Assisted)

Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting (Assisted)

Soil Survey Program (Assisted)

Soil and Water Conservation (Assisted)

Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program (Assisted)

Watershed Rehabilitation Program (Assisted)

Wetlands Reserve Program (Conducted)

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (Conducted)

Federally Assisted and Conducted Program

Catalog of Federally Domestic Assisted Programs