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NCRACC Awards & Recognition Policy

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The National Civil Rights Advisory Committee to the Chief (NCRACC) has created an avenue, with the Awards Subcommittee, to ensure that activities that benefit civil rights will be rewarded and recognized nationwide. Awards should be granted to individuals, teams, or groups that exceed the expectations of their performance plan with measurable results and accomplishments on civil rights. This subcommittee is composed of members of the NCRACC and a subcommittee chair appointed by NCRACC. The awards subcommittee will provide recommendations to the Chief via the NCRACC Co-Chair(s). The NRCS Chief has final decision on recognition and awards.  

NRCACC graphic image of colored squaressAward Categories:

  1. The National NRCS Individual Civil Rights Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the area of civil rights program delivery.
  2. The National NRCS Team/Group Civil Rights Award recognizes a team or group who has made a significant contribution to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the area of civil rights program delivery.
  3. The Chief’s Workforce Diversity Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions towards achieving NRCS’s goal of building a diverse workforce to ensure that programs are delivered in an efficient, effective, and fair manner.

NRCACC graphic image of colored squaressEvaluation Elements: 

  1. Promotion or demonstration of the core values and behaviors set out in the Civil Service Ethical Code - Has the nominee acted (where relevant) with honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity? Has the nominee received civil rights recognition and/or a performance award within the last three years; professionally or on personal time?
  2. Added value in addition to normal duties - Has the nominee’s achievement gone above and beyond their normal job role? For example: 1) to exceed your normal communication expectation 2) goes beyond the existing limits to communicate with the socially disadvantaged or historically undeserved.
  3. Working in partnership - Has the nominee introduced effective joint working arrangements that connect colleagues from multiple teams, departments, agencies, or other internal or external organizations?
  4. Innovation - Has the nominee used innovative approaches, which have resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to end users?
  5. Measurable benefits - Does the nomination provide evidence that demonstrates how the project or program is achieving tangible results?
  6. Impact - Has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team, district, or business area at the State or National level?

NRCACC graphic image of colored squaressHow to Apply?

Nomination period will be announced in a National Bulletin toward the beginning of each fiscal year. A nomination form will be provided to apply for any of the three (3) categories.

Nomination Period: CLOSED
Nomination Form: Not yet available until Fall/Winter 2018


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