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Responsible Management Official

lRole of the Responding Management Official In the EEO Complaint Process


Definition of a Responsible Management Official

A Responsible Management Official (RMO), sometimes referred to as the Responding Management Official, in EEO cases, is the official(s) who, according to the complainant’s allegations, is (are) responsible for the action or made the decision that allegedly harmed the complainant. This means the complainant has identified the individual as being responsible for an action or decision which the complainant believes is discriminatory because of his or her race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity and expression), religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, familial status, parental status, protected genetic information, receipt of public assistance, retaliation and reprisal. A RMO will not serve as the designated Resolving Official.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Responsible Management Official

As a Responsible Management Official you have certain rights, responsibilities and opportunities with respect to the informal and formal EEO processes.

As a Responsible Management Official, you have the right to be informed of all allegations of discrimination lodged against you.

An EEO Specialist with the NRCS, Civil Rights Division will contact you during the informal process regarding the allegations and pending counselor contact and also upon their notification of the formal complaint acceptance to advise you of the accepted issues and basis of the complaint. The EEO Specialist will serve as your point of contact throughout the processing of the complaint.

As a Responsible Management Official, you will be contacted directly by the EEO investigator. You have the responsibility of fully cooperating with the investigator. This may include preparation of a preliminary affidavit, prior to your actual onsite or telephonic interview and production of relevant documents as requested by the investigator.

As a Responsible Management Official, you have the right to review your affidavit thoroughly to ensure it clearly states your responses to the allegations. You should never sign any statement or affidavit without careful review. Any discrepancies or errors should immediately be brought to the attention of the investigator. Concerns regarding the investigator and or the investigative process should be brought to the attention of the Director, ODEO or his/her designee.