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Range and Pasture Publications

Publications available under Range Resources and Pasture Resources on the National NRCS Range and Pasture Web site:

  • Anti-Quality Factors in Rangeland and Pastureland Forages - This 67-page bulletin reviews anti-quality factors that influence livestock production on both pasturelands and rangelands. As more emphasis is placed on forages for animal production, potential limitations need to be better understood.
  • Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring - Developed by GLTI in May 2001, the guide is used to inform landowners as well as professionals of the 10 indicators of pasture condition and the 6 causative factors affecting plant vigor with a procedure to assess each indicator.
  • Introduction to Microbiotic Crusts - A 13-page booklet developed by GLTI and the Soil Quality Institute which provides the latest information to NRCS personnel and landowners on microbiotic crusts and how they impact soils, hydrology, and plant communities.
  • Inventorying, Classifying, and Correlation of Juniper and Pinyon Communities to Soils in Western United States - A 39-page booklet developed by GLTI which provides guidance during all progressive soil surveys and during ecological site description development or revision in the inventorying, classifying, and correlating of Juniper and Pinyon ecosystems into ecological sites.
  • Rangeland Health Assessment  -  Interpreting Indicators for Rangeland Health, Version 4 - Technical Reference 1734-6, dated 2005, is a booklet developed through inter-agency coordination between the BLM, NRCS, ARS, and USGS. It provides land specialists with the tools to do a preliminary evaluation of soil/site stability, hydrologic function, and integrity of the biotic community on rangelands.
  • Sampling Vegetation Attributes - Developed by an inter-agency group, this reference material will help you determine what kind of sampling technique to use and how to set up and run monitoring studies.
  • States, transitions, and thresholds: Further refinement for rangeland applications. Special Report 1024, March 2001.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Big Sagebrush Shrub-steppe Postfire Succession in Southwest Montana Montana Natural Heritage System Website (PDF; 6 MB)
Common Sagebrush Community Forbs and Their Importance to sage-grouse Hens and Chicks. Compiled by: Sands, Alan and Reese, Kerry. (PDF; 20 KB)
Handbook of Erosion Control in Mountain Meadows Kraebel, C. J. and Pillsbury, A. F., U. S. Forest Service. 1934 (PDF; 2.7 MB)
Monitoring the Vegetation Resources in Riparian Areas (PDF; 3.5 MB)
Pasture Condition Score Protocols for 2005 Conservation Security Program (PDF; 17 KB)
Rangeland Health Assessment Protocols for 2005 Conservation Security Program (PDF; 252 KB)
Rangeland Management Before, During, and After Drought University of Arizona Cooperative Extension (PDF; 168 KB)
References on the American Indian Use of Fire in Ecosystems by Gerald W. Williams, Ph.D., National Historian (retired), USDA Forest Service, Washington, D.C. May 18, 2005 (PDF; 616 KB)
State and Transition Modeling:  An Ecological Process Approach (PDF; 100 KB)
State-and-Transition Models and Ecological Thresholds: Bridging Theory and Application Briske et al., 2005. Texas A&M University website. (PDF; 557 KB)
State-and-Transition Models, Thresholds, and Rangeland Health: A Synthesis of Ecological Concepts and Perspectives Briske et al. Rangeland Ecology and Management, January 2005. (PDF; 265 KB)
A Unified Framework for Assessment and Application of Ecological Thresholds Briske et al., Rangeland Ecology and Management, May 2006. (PDF; 336 KB)
Vegetation Dynamics on Rangelands Briske et al. Journal of Applied Ecology 2003. (PDF; 282 KB)
Sage-Grouse: Management Plan and Conservation Strategies in Montana (Final) Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Publication (PDF; 3 MB)
Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland and Savanna Ecosystems, Volume I, 2009. USDA-Agriculture Research Service, Jornada Experimental Range. (PDF; 2 MB)
Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland and Savanna Ecosystems, Volume II, 2009. USDA-Agriculture Research Service, Jornada Experimental Range. (PDF; 5 MB)

Publications Available upon Request

The following publications are available electronically in Adobe Reader format by contacting publications.

  • Can Cows and Fish Coexist? Canadian Journal of Plant Sciences, April 1998
  • Cattle Wintering Sites and Stewardship
  • Central Region Seedling Identification Guide for Native Prairie Plants. USDA-NRCS Elsberry Plant Materials Center, Elsberry, Missouri. October 2005.
  • Eighty Years of Vegetation and Landscape Changes in the Northern Great Plains: A Photographic Record
  • Livestock Grazing and Riparian Areas Literature Review. (2001)
  • Selected Shrubland and Grassland Communities of the Northern Great Plains
  • Stockmanship - A Powerful Tool for Grazing Lands Management