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Forestry Technical Notes

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Montana Forestry Technical Notes
Subject Date Technical Note Number
Directive Tabulation Sheet (printer-friendly version of this web page) (PDF; 40 KB) April 2011 -
Results of Reseeding a Fire Impacted Area in Western Montana April 2011 MT-35
Photo Guide for Estimating Downed Woody Material January 2008 MT-34
Water Needs of Windbreaks for Trickle Irrigation System Design  February 2009 MT-33 (Rev. 1)
Forest Understory and Wood Production Response to Ponderosa Pine Thinning Treatments in Southeast Montana September 2007 MT-32
Woody Biomass - A Renewable Energy Source April 2007 MT-31
Tree/Shrub Planting Plan and Record Form (MT-ECS-108) January 2007 MT-30
Seeding Herbaceous Vegetation on Disturbed Forestland July 2006 MT-29
Results of Reseeding a Fire-Impacted Watershed in South Central Montana April 2006 MT-28
Performance Evaluations of Herbaceous Vegetation on Disturbed Forestland in Southeastern Montana April 2006 MT-27
Establishment of Bareroot and Container Stock in Riparian Areas February 2006 MT-26
Improving the Establishment of Willow Cuttings in Riparian Areas April 2005 MT-25
Tillage for Weed Control in Windbreaks and Shelterbelts January 2005 MT-24
Use of Woven Fabric for Weed Control in Conservation Tree/Shrub Plantings March 2004 MT-23
Forest Inventory and Summary Form, MT-ECS-1 January 2003 MT-22
Estimating Planting Stock for Woody Plantings, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet March 2002 MT-21
Montana Forestry Incentive Program - Tree Thinning Table 2001 MT-20
Shrub Establishment in CP-25 Plantings for Block and Interspersed Plantings 1999 MT-19
Streamside Management Zone Law 1993 MT-18
Basic Windbreak Design Criteria for Farm and Ranch Headquarters, Areas, and Large Residential Lots 1986 MT-17
Estimating Sheet-Rill Erosion and Sediment Yield on Disturbed Western Forest and Woodlands 1985 MT-16 (Revision)
Transportation, Care, and Storage of Seedlings and Planting 1988 MT-15
Reducing Erosional Impacts of Roads 1985 MT-14
Soil-Plant Performance Summary 1982 MT-13
Windbreak Species Performance Data by Soils 1979 MT-12
Condensed Guide for Selecting Superior Trees for Shelterbelts in the Prairie Plains (Cancelled) 1976 MT-11 (Cancelled)
Thinning Low Site Ponderosa Pine 1985 MT-10
The Effect of Field Windbreaks (Cancelled) 1986 MT-9 (Cancelled)
Growing Apple Trees in Eastern Montana (Cancelled) 1967 MT-8 (Cancelled)
Windbreak Influence, Environmental Factors, Establishment, and Management (Cancelled) 1966 MT-7 (Cancelled)
Measuring Site Index (Cancelled) 1963 MT-6 (Cancelled)
National Forestry Technical Notes

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