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Manure Management Planner

Any Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) developed by a NRCS employee, partner employee, or technical service provider (TSP) will be completed using the most current version of the Montana Manure Management Planner (MMP) software available on the Purdue University webpage. Montana has developed a MMP "smart document" that automatically creates a CNMP plan, as a Word document, based on data input for a specific producer. 

Montana MMP "Smart Document"

Note: Montana MMP "smart documents" are being updated and will be added later.

To use the Montana MMP "smart document," start by following this procedure:

1. Copy the smart document files (to become available later) into the appropriate directory on your computer. (For NRCS employees the correct directory is C:\Program Files\USDA\MMP 0.XX\custom.) Copying these documents requires no additional software, using them requires Miscrosoft Word, Microsoft Access, or Manure Management Planner.

2. The "smart document" is now ready to use. It can be initiated in the MMP "tools" menu once all data entry is completed.

The Spatial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP), located on the University of Missouri-Columbia webpage, may also be used as an effective mapping tool when using MMP.