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Bridger PMC-TV

The videos listed on this page are meant to provide quick and easily-accessed information about the Montana and Wyoming Plant Materials Program and related issues. We want the field offices and the producers they serve to know what is going at the Center and how our plants and technology products can help you apply conservation to protect the natural resources you rely upon for your livelihood. This is a work in progress and we will be adding to it regularly. Most videos are less than a minute long so you do not have to wait long for them to load. These videos are housed on the PLANTS272 YouTube channel. To play a video, select the title and the video will automatically load. When loading is completed, select replay and it will play through smoothly. Along with the play screen, you will find additional Bridger PMC-TV videos listed. Also, there is a brief description of the video topic with references for detailed information, such as release brochures or technical notes.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

Conservation Plants (PMC Releases)

The following videos require Flash Player.

Susan Demonstrates Propagation of Spirit Sweetgrass Susan Demonstrates Propagation of 'Spirit' Sweetgrass (SWF; 1 minute, 26 seconds; 3.7 MB)


Bridger select Rocky Mountain Juniper ‘Bridger Select’ Rocky Mountain Juniper (SWF; 57 seconds; 5 MB)


Ekalaka germplasm Bur oak ‘Ekalaka’ Germplasm Bur Oak (SWF; 54 seconds; 4.3 MB)


Hunter ponderosa pine ‘Hunter’ Ponderosa Pine (SWF; 54 seconds; 4.3 MB)


Mill CreeK Germplasm Silver Buffaloberry ‘Mill Creek’ Germplasm Silver Buffaloberry (SWF; 1

minute 3 seconds; 5.9 MB)

Ratibida Columnifera Conservation Ratibida Columnifera Conservation (SWF; 46 seconds; 3.8 MB)


Ratibida Columnifera Establishment Ratibida Columnifera Establishment (SWF; 53 seconds; 4.3 MB)


Gaillardia Aristata Conservation Gaillardia Aristata Conservation (SWF; 46 seconds; 3.6 MB)


Gaillardia Aristata Establishment Gaillardia Aristata Establishment (SWF;5 3 seconds; 4.3 MB)


How to Grow Basin Wildrye How to Grow Basin Wildrye (SWF; 41 seconds; 3.4 MB)


Indian Ricegrass Indian Ricegrass (SWF; 33 seconds; 2.2 MB)


Russian Wildrye Russian Wildrye (SWF; 50 seconds; 4 MB)


'Trailhead' Basin Wildrye 'Trailhead' Basin Wildrye (SWF; 40 seconds; 3.3 MB)

Farm Management

Weed Control Using the Triple K Weed Control Using the Triple K (SWF; 42 seconds; 3.2 MB)


Irrigation Ditcher Irrigation Ditcher (SWF; 33 seconds; 2.2 MB)


Irrigation Weed Screen Irrigation Water Weed Screen (SWF; 43 seconds; 3.5 MB)

Culti-Packer or Roller Harrow (SWF; 33 seconds; 2.1 MB)


Leveling for Flood Irrigation (SWF; 1 minute, 41 seconds; 6.5 MB)


Offset Disc Plowing for Seedbed Preparation (SWF; 49 seconds; 3.5 MB)


Seedbed Preparation - Plowing (SWF 28 seconds; 2 MB)

Field Plantings

Russian Wildrye Field Planting Russian Wildrye Field Planting (SWF; 32 seconds; 2.3 MB)

Plant Identification

Basin Big Sagebrush Identification Basin Big Sage Identification (SWF; 35 seconds; 2.2 MB)


Black Sagebrush Identification Black Sagebrush Identification (SWF; 36 seconds; 2.2 MB)


Mountain Sagebrush Identification Mountain Big Sagebrush Identification (SWF; 30 seconds; 2 MB)


Wyoming Sagebrush Identification Wyoming Big Sagebrush Identification (SWF; 34 seconds; 2.2 MB)

Resource Concerns

Pollinators on Penstemon Pollinators on Penstemon (SWF; 30 seconds; 2 MB)


Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration (SWF; 38 seconds; 2.2 MB)

Seed Collection

Determining Seed Ripeness Determining Seed Ripeness (SWF; 35 seconds; 2.2 MB)

Studies and Demonstrations

Susan Collects Plant Attribute Data Susan Collects Plant Attribute Data (SWF; 1 minute, 18 seconds; 3.6 MB)


Woody Plant Supplemental Water Study Woody Plant Supplemental Water Study (SWF; 1 minute 23 seconds, 6 MB)


Bur Oak Root Length Study Bur Oak Root Length Study (SWF; 55 seconds; 4.9 MB)