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PRS Data Entry Worksheet for Technical Service Providers

NRCS collects information concerning conservation practices put on the landscape through Technical Service Providers (TSPs). The TSP submits the completed worksheet to his or her customer who will provide it to the local NRCS field office. TSP input improves the accuracy of the NRCS reporting system, and is a requirement of the Certification Agreement. NRCS is to complete Part A, TSPs complete Part B, and the program participant signs where indicated, in that order.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Joe Little at 406-587-6861.

This worksheet is available in Acrobat Reader format. For best results, save the document to your computer and rename it before filling it in or printing it.

PRS Data Entry Worksheet and Payment Ticket for Technical Service Providers MT-CPA-TSP-1 (PDF; March 2007, 271 KB)

The following information is requested on the worksheet:

Part A (to be completed by NRCS)

  • Landowner name
  • Project name
  • USDA program (EQIP or WHIP, for example)
  • Contract number
  • Contract item number (CIN) for TSP services
  • Field number

Part B (to be completed by TSP)

  • TSP number
  • TSP name
  • County name
  • Land use (such as irrigated crop, non-irrigated pasture, and so forth)
  • Practices completed
    • CIN and Practice name
    • Units (acres, feet, and so forth)
    • Amount (number or extent)
    • Invoice amount ($) for design
    • Invoice amount ($) for installation
    • Invoice amount ($) for checkout

Part C (to be completed by program participant)

  • Program participant's signature
  • Date
Instructions for form MT-CPA-TSP-1

MT-CPA-TSP-1 is to be used by participants and TSPs to provide practice completion
information to NRCS staff for entry into PRS. One form can be used for each Contract Item
Number (CIN), or group of CINs, within a specific project that are expected to be completed as a
system or unit.

MT-CPA-TSP-1 is to be provided to the participant/TSP at the time that the TSP services are
contracted, along with other appropriate materials such as applicable standards, specifications,
job sheets, statement of work, etc. Part A is to be completed by NRCS.

The TSP is to complete Part B as indicated on the form following completion of the service(s).
Information on the form may be used in lieu of the invoice that TSPs have agreed to provide to
NRCS under provisions of the TSP Certification Agreement they signed. Enter the appropriate
information. If more than one practice is entered, indicate the appropriate CIN number for each
practice name, that is, CIN 2/Irr. System- Sprinkler.

If a system approach was used for the TSP services, please enter the appropriate information as

  1. The CIN(s) for the TSP services and the system name (e.g., CIN 14/Open Channel) and
    the respective TSP charge for Design, Installation, and/or Checkout services, and
  2. The “system CIN” and all NRCS conservation practices that were installed comprising
    the system (e.g., CIN 14-Structure for Water Control, CIN-14 Stream Habitat
    Improvement and Management). These entries should be made immediately below on
    successive lines, with no dollar amounts listed in the Design, Installation, and Checkout
    columns since the cost is already captured in the “system entry” above. NRCS needs to
    know the practices that comprised the system for TSP quality assurance review purposes.

In either case (system or individually contracted practices), enter the actual amount or extent that meets NRCS standards and the full invoice amount, even if exceeding the NTE rates. These values are used to provide background information when updating the Not-To-Exceed (NTE) rate.

The TSP is to have the participant/landowner sign and date Part C to verify completion and acceptance of the service(s) prior to NRCS receiving the form. The completed MT-CPA-TSP-1 is to be returned to NRCS along with other required deliverables as per the statement of work for the particular conservation practice(s). Data entry by the NRCS will follow established procedures in PRS.