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Common Questions About Technical Service Providers

I’ve forgotten my password or login ID and can’t login to TechReg. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your TechReg loginID and/or password, e-mail the and request a password reset. Include in your message, how they can contact you (e-mail, telephone number, mail address) as well as your login ID and a good description of the problem (Technical Service Provider trying to access Technical Service Providers (TechReg) website).

For a password reset they may require the last four digits of your Social Security Number (not all the digits, just the last four digits). With their current workload, it will probably take a day to a week to process your request. When they reset your password, they provide you a temporary password. Once you login the next time, you will be prompted to change your password from the temporary one they provided to a new password you choose.

The eAuthentication folks recommend you login to your TechReg account every six months or so because the eAuthentication system automatically disables accounts which are not used for approximately a year to protect account owners' personal information. So, if you haven’t logged in to TechReg for a year, you will probably need a password reset to enable your account again.

The TechReg website has my old address/phone number/e-mail? How do I change my address/phone number/e-mail?

Go to your local USDA Service Center with government-issued ID (such as drivers license) and ask them to update your Service Center Information Management System (SCIMS) database record. Once the change in the SCIMS database has been made, it may take one day to for the change to be reflected on the TechReg website.

You must have a valid, current e-mail address in the SCIMS database maintained by USDA.

You should also update your eAuthentication information, which you can do yourself on-line. Go to the Technical Service Providers (TechReg) website and begin to login. When you see the eAuthentication Login screen that has the green banner labeled “eAuthentication Login”, click on “Update your account” under “Quick Links” on left-hand side of screen. Update your information as appropriate.

How can I satisfy the training requirements in Section F1−NRCS Conservation Planning Training Requirement?

A Conservation Planning is currently available online at the NRCS eLearning center. Conservation Planning is one of eight courses available:

  1. Introduction to Water Quality
  2. Nutrient Management Track Part 1
  3. Pest Management Track Part 1
  4. Agricultural Waste Primer
  5. Agricultural Waste Management Level 2
  6. Conservation Planning Part 1
  7. Cultural Resources Part 1
  8. Field Office Technical Guide Primer.

These courses will eventually be migrated to the new website AgLearn. Please do not try go to the AgLearn site until notified that access is available to TSPs. Equivalent training to NRCS Conservation Planning will also satisfy this Conservation Planning Requirement.

I have changed some things on my TSP application, but I don’t see anywhere to submit my application? Where’s the "Sign Agreement (Click Only Once)" green button that’s supposed to be at the bottom of the Profile Part 2 (Technical Services) screen?

In Section G−Certification Categories, the status needs to be marked “Ready” before the "Sign Agreement (Click Only Once)" green button appears. If all the category status indicators are marked “Pending”, the green “Sign Agreement” button is hidden from view.

If the button is hidden, click on the "Confirm Qualifications" button beside each of the categories. Once that new screen opens up, check the boxes that describe how you obtained the qualifications for that particular category option (Education, Work Experience, References, or NRCS familiarity).

Once you make these changes, then the "Sign Agreement (Click Only Once)" green button should appear (status should have changed from “Pending” to “Ready”) at the bottom of the Profile Part 2 (Technical Services) screen. Click the “Sign Agreement” button (and subsequent ones) to electronically sign the TSP agreement and submit your TSP application to NRCS for verification.

After you have electronically signed your application, the status category will change from “Ready” to “Submitted.” Any category marked “Pending” or “Ready” has not been submitted for NRCS review. Only those categories marked “Submitted” will be reviewed by NRCS.

How long does NRCS have to review my application once I have submitted it?

NRCS has 60 days to review your application. You will be notified by e-mail once NRCS has reviewed your TSP application and certifies or defers your application. Any deferral will list any problems and how they could be corrected. If you apply only to one state, only one state will need to review your application.

If you have applied to many states, each of those states will have to review your application. Generally, single-state reviews are much faster (weeks) than multi-state applications (1-2 months).

What should I do if I don’t want to renew as a TSP?

If you do nothing, once your three-year TSP certification period ends, your TSP account will automatically lapse.

If you want to remove your name before the end of the three-year certification period, you can remove your name from public display on the Technical Service Providers (TechReg) website. Log in to TechReg and under the "Display to Public" box enter "NO" instead of "YES". When someone searches on the TechReg website to find a TSP, your name will not appear if you have check “NO”.

What if I don’t want my TSP contact information available to the public?

Go into TechReg and Log in. On the lower right of the contact information on page 1 of your profile, check yes to the box ‘display to the public’. Until the box is checked yes, your name will not show up on the public registry listing.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Joe Little at 406-587-6861.

Common TSP questions are also available in Acrobat Reader format:
Technical Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions (PDF; 31 KB)