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Resource Planning and Implementation Team

The Resource Planning and Implementation Team (RPIT) is based in the Bozeman, Montana State Office's Technology Staff. The RPIT is an interdisciplinary team providing assistance to NRCS area and field offices and conservation partners throughout Montana. The RPIT is composed of a civil engineer, agricultural economist, and resource conservationist. The team was organized to deliver direct technical assistance to help NRCS staff and conservation partners address interdisciplinary landscape-based resource issues. The activities of the team include the following:

  • Direct technical assistance and support to field office staff working with water resource-based groups.
  • Help water resource-based groups to form, build capacity, identify and carry out resource assessment and treatment needs through the development of comprehensive project implementation teams.
  • Conduct outreach on watershed planning methods, NRCS Farm Bill Programs, and other NRCS resource assessment tools and methods available to inventory and assess natural resources.
  • Serve as NRCS liaison to the Montana Watershed Coordination Council and the Montana Wetlands Council.
  • Promote opportunities to utilize NRCS financial and technical assistance programs to benefit the public and targeted audiences.

The RPIT has provided the following types of assistance since its inception:

  • Assisted with the development and writing of multiple projects across the state: planning and design of Stillwater Animal Feeding Operations, Inventorying Savage Irrigation District Canal, completion of Stream Visual Assessment and Riparian Inventory on the Ruby River and Deep Creek and assisting field offices with public meetings developing communities identified and based resource concerns.
  • Field assistance and oversight with Emergency Watershed Program projects, participated in initial scoping meetings and site visits for potential watershed scale projects.
  • Identified and mapped the distribution of Russian olive along the 600-mile Yellowstone River Corridor in Montana, while also developing control and management literature (See MT Invasive Species Technical Notes 30 and 31) and brochures for Russian olive and salt cedar.
  • The RPIT is supervised by the NRCS State Resource Conservationist. The Team’s priorities and activities are overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of all four Assistant State Conservationists and the State Resource Conservationist. Work assignments and priorities are made several times a year as the workload requires.
  • Requests for assistance may be made at any time. Contact Cory Wolfe 406-587-6994 or the respective Assistant State Conservationist- Field Operations. Requests for assistance are made using the RPIT's request form.

Request for Technical Assistance - Resource Planning and Implementation Team (PDF; 40 KB)


Cory Wolfe, Team Leader, Civil Engineer
Phone: 406-587-6994
E-mail: Cory.Wolfe

Joe Little, Resource Conservationist/State Toolkit Coordinator
Phone: 406-587-6861
E-mail: Joe.Little