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Conservation Planning Technical Notes

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Some of the documents in the table below may require Adobe Reader.

Montana Conservation Planning Technical Notes
Subject Date Technical Note Number
Environmental Compliance Requirements for Planning Certification in Montana (PDF; 34 KB) July 2014 MT-16
Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW) Planner Certification Requirements and Process for Documenting Regulatory Predictability to Participating Landowners (PDF; 68 KB) June 2014 MT-15
Checklist of Resource Concerns (PDF; 1.39 MB) January 2014 MT-14
Wetland Policy for Livestock Pits and Spring Developments (PDF; 450 KB) May 2014 MT-13 (Revision 2)
Field Use of Conservation System Guidesheets for Conservation Planning (Cancelled) May 2005 MT-12 (Cancelled)
List of Field Office Technical Guide Material Available in Electronic Format, Paper Copy Format, or Both (PDF; 154 KB) June 2006 MT-11 (Revision 1)
Allowable Percentage Rates for Progress Reporting (Cancelled) April 2004 MT-10 (Cancelled)
Updated Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (Cancelled. See NEPA Compliance at NRCS for current form NRCS-CPA-52) February 2010 MT-9 (Cancelled)
Cost List Naming Conventions (PDF; 63 KB) April
Technical Assistance --SCS-CPA-52 Form  (Cancelled) April
MT-7 (Cancelled)
Progressive Implementation Minimum Documentation (PDF; 79 KB) November
(Revision 1)
Evaluating Seeding Success for Forage and Biomass Planting (Code 512) and Range Planting (Code 550) (PDF; 55 KB) May 2009 MT-5 (Revision 1)
Soil Quality Assessment (PDF; 533 KB) December
Assembly of Conservation Plan into Six-Part Folder or Three-Part Folder (PDF; 259 KB) May 2006 MT-3
Distribution to Enable Reproductions as Needed for SCS-CPA-52 (Cancelled)
Environmental Effects for Conservation Plans and Area-wide Conservation Plans (Cancelled)
MT-2 (Cancelled)
Resource Concern Identification Worksheet (PDF; 556 KB) April 2013 MT-1
(Revision 2)
National Conservation Planning Technical Notes

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