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Daily Guidance Streamflow Forecasts Using SNOTEL Data

Daily Guidance Streamflow Forecasts Using SNOTEL Data

Disclaimer:  This is a completely automated unofficial experimental product based on SNOTEL data. This product is not meant to replace or supersede the official forecasts produced in coordination with the National Weather Service. Official forecasts can be found at State Basin Outlook Reports.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Water Supply Specialist at 406-587-6843.

The following documents require Adobe Reader:

Development and Interpretation of Daily Seasonal Water Supply Forecasts (PDF; 240 KB)

The Summary Output document is available in Microsoft Excel format:

Summary Output (XLS; 68 KB)

The following Percent & Skill, Exceedance Forecasts, Scatter Graphs are graphs derived from the Summary Output document. Excel Data is also found in the Summary Output document.