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2014 On-Farm Energy EQIP Initiative

The application cutoff date for FY2014 EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel funding in Montana is February 21, 2014.

On-Farm Energy requires Technical Service Providers (TSPs) to complete a Conservation Activity Plan (CAP).

Participants must develop an Agricultural Energy Management Plan (CAP 122 or CAP 124) through the services of a registered Technical Service provider. Producers will be reimbursed for TSP services through the CAP program payment. TSP contracts (911/912/913 payments) do not apply. No other energy-related practices should be contracted under this initiative.

There are ten TSPs registered for Montana on the Technical Service Providers (TechReg) Web site to complete CAP 122 and CAP 124. Dave Ryan, Butte, is the only in-state TSP. He is registered for the CAP 122 only.

Eligible Practices

  • 122 Agricultural Energy management Plan - Headquarters
  • 124 Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Landscape

These conservation practice standards and specifications can be found in Section IV of the Field Office Technical Guide.

Cost Data can be found in Section I of the Field Office Technical Guide.