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Agricultural Water Enhancement Program

With the enactment of the Agricultural Act (February 7, 2014) funding provided for the Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP) in FY-2014 is no longer available for obligations. NRCS will honor and continue to support fiscal year 2014 AWEP program contracts using the rules and policy that was in effect at the time of contract obligations.

If you are interested in applying for water enhancement projects in programs, please visit the Regional Conservation Partnership Program web page.

The Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP) was a voluntary conservation initiative that provided financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers to implement agricultural water enhancement activities on agricultural land to conserve surface and ground water and improve water quality. As part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), AWEP operated through program contracts with producers to plan and implement conservation practices in project areas established through partnership agreements.

Archived AWEP Information