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Plant Materials Program

The purpose of the program is to use plants and plant technologies to help solve natural resource problems. Beneficial uses of plants include improving soil health, riparian restoration, pollinator enhancement, post-fire rehabilitation, biomass production, carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, wetland restoration, water quality improvement, low maintenance landscaping, and other conservation needs. Scientists at the Bridger Plant Materials Center seek out and test plants for addressing specific natural resource conservation needs identified in Montana and Wyoming. They then develop cultural techniques for the plants' successful establishment and use by land managers. After species are proven, they are released to the private sector for commercial production. Most of the commercially available and cost-effective conservation plants were selected and released by the Plant Materials program. The work at the Center is carried out cooperatively with state and Federal agencies, commercial businesses, and seed and nursery associations.

Plant Materials Policy, Procedures, Tools and Aids

Plant Materials Resources in eFOTG

Plant Materials References (PDF; 82 KB)


Joe Scianna, Plant Materials Center Manager
Phone: 406-662-3579 extension 101
Email: Joseph.Scianna