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Greater Sage-Grouse Field Indicator Guide

Produced in cooperation with Bureau of Land Management; Montana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative; Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; and Montana Sage-Grouse Local Working Groups.

If you encounter any problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

This guide is also available in Adobe Reader format.

Greater Sage-Grouse Field Indicator Guide (PDF; 3.3 MB)

Photo of 3 male sage-grouse dsiplaying.This information is offered to the public to further outreach and education about sage-grouse; a species being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Program. The Montana Sage-Grouse Local Working Groups (MSG-LWG) produced Montana Sage-Grouse Management Plan & Conservation Strategies for Sage-Grouse in Montana (Montana SG-LWG 2005) in 2005. The overall goal of the plan is to “Provide for the long-term conservation and enhancement of the sagebrush steppe/mixed-grass prairie complex within Montana in a manner that supports sage-grouse and a healthy diversity and abundance of wildlife species and human uses.” This brochure contributes to that effort.