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MontFARM - Montana Feedlot Annualized Runoff Model

A Water Quality Assessment Tool

Who Is MontFARM For?

Photo of cows at feed trough.MontFARM is for small and medium open lot animal feeding operations. Its user friendly input/output format can be used by specialists, consultants, agency officials, as well as owners and operators.

What Is MontFARM?

MontFARM is an assessment tool used to evaluate the pollution hazard of an open lot animal feeding operation. It is science-based, objective, and easy to use.

When Can MontFARM Be Used?

Version 1.2 is available now! It is a Montana-adapted version of MinnFARM, a university-supported spreadsheet tool, used successfully in Minnesota to assess animal feeding operations.

Where Can MontFARM Be Found?

MontFARM is an Excel-based spreadsheet which can be downloaded from the NRCS Montana Web site: Search on the word MontFARM and find:

  • MontFARM.xlsm (3.1 MB)
  • User’s Guide.pdf (516 KB)

Why Is MontFARM Needed?

  • Owners and operators need an objective, easy-to-use, method to assess the risk their facility poses to water quality.
  • Natural resource planners, specialists, and consultants need a science-based , computational tool to evaluate the effect of various Best Management Practices.
  • Government agencies with limited funds and resources need a ranking tool with which to prioritize technical and financial services.

How Is MontFARM Used?

MontFARM estimates annual pollutant loading for common nutrient and organic measures. The annual pollutant load is converted to a severity index on a scale of 0 (extremely low risk) to 100 (extremely high risk). Input data required include:

  • Corral management information
  • Land use characteristics above and below the lot area
  • The nearest type of and distance to receiving water
  • Lot size, roof area

picture of model inputs sample print-out picture of model results sample print-out






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MontFARM - Montana Feedlot Annualized Runoff Model (PDF; 180 KB)