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PER Forms

PER Forms - NRCS Personnel

There are no Montana PER forms.

National PER forms can be found on the following Web sites.

Some frequently used national forms are:

  • Tour of Duty Request (See eDirectives General Manual, Title 360, Part 427 - Hours of Duty, Subpart E - Exhibits, 427.40 Tour of Duty Request)
  • NRCSPER-2 The Earth Team Volunteer Interest and Placement Summary
  • NRCSPER-4 The Earth Team Volunteer Programs Time and Attendance
  • NRCS-PER-10 Material Safety Data Sheet Request for Purchase Orders Involving Chemical and Biological Agents
  • NRCS-PER-25 Earth Team Student Volunteer Program Addendum
  • NRCS-PER-26 Earth Team Student Volunteer Program
  • NRCS-PER-28 Earth Team Volunteer Position Description
  • NRCS-PER-36 Individual and Group Award Nomination
  • NRCS-PER-37 Earth Team Chief's Recognition Award Nomination
  • NRCS-PER-38 Earth Team Employee Award Nomination
  • NRCS-PER-39 Earth Team Partnership Award Nomination
  • NRCS-PER-703 Application for the Graduate Studies Program
  • NRCS-PER-704 USDA-NRCS Graduate Studies Program Reference Report on Applicant
  • NRCS-PERS-185 Accident and Injury Record
  • NRCS-PERS-225 Interview Report