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ECS Forms

ECS Forms - NRCS Ecological Sciences

The documents in the following tables require Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open the associated program and then open the saved file on your local drive.

Montana ECS Forms
Form Number Title of Form Date
MT-ECS-1 Form (XLS; 44 KB)

MT-ECS-1 Example (PDF; 59 KB)
Forestry Inventory and Summary Form January 2003
MT-ECS-2 Form (XLS; 51 KB)

MT-ECS-2 Instructions (PDF; 56 KB)

MT-ECS-2 Example (XLS; 57 KB)
Rangeland Inventory Worksheet April 2006 (revised)
MT-ECS-3 Forms

MT-ECS-3 Instructions (PDF; 246 KB)
Summary of Initial Stocking Rates February 2007 (revised)
MT-ECS-4 (PDF; 188 KB) Grazable Forest Land Evaluation June 2005
MT-ECS-5 Form (PDF; 166 KB)

MT-ECS-5 Codes

MT-ECS-5 Instructions
Soil-Woodland Correlation Data Sheet August 2007
MT-ECS-9 (PDF; 288 KB) Planting Plan for Field, Special and Increase Plantings July 2010
MT-ECS-13 (PDF; 88 KB) Certification of Wetland Determination June 2005
MT-ECS-14 (PDF; 129 KB) Riparian Assessment Worksheet May 2016
MT-ECS-108 (PDF;332 KB) Tree Planting Plan and Record January 2007
MT-ECS-116 (PDF;873 KB) Pasture Inventory Worksheet April 2006
MT-ECS-117 (PDF;2.9 MB) Line-Point Intercept Method Worksheet April 2006
MT-ECS-118 (PDF;1.7 MB) Rangeland Monitoring Worksheet April 2006
MT-ECS-119 Form (XLS; 21 KB)

MT-ECS-119 Instructions (PDF; 38 KB)

MT-ECS-119 Example (XLS; 35 KB)
Rangeland Utilization Estimate Worksheet - Key Forage Plant Method April 2006
MT-ECS-414 (PDF;771 KB) Proper Grazing Use April 2006
Evaluation of Herbaceous Plantings - no number (PDF; 489 KB) Evaluation of Herbaceous Plantings October 2003
Evaluation of Woody Plantings - no number (PDF; 191 KB) Evaluation of Woody Plantings October 2003
Planting and Site Information for Herbaceous Plantings - no number (PDF; 809 KB) Planting and Site Information for Herbaceous Plantings October 2003
Planting and Site Information for Woody Plantings - no number (PDF; 767 KB) Planting and Site Information for Woody Plantings October 2003
NRCS-ECS-580 (PDF; 156 KB) Plant Collection Information Form July 2010

National ECS forms can be found on the following Web sites.

Some frequently used national forms are:

  • NRCS-ECS-1 Plant Materials Allocation and Distribution
  • NRCS-ECS-18 Plant List of Accepted Nomenclature, Taxonomy, and Symbols
  • NRCS-ECS-416 Judging Utilization, Trend, and Condition of Browse Plants
  • NRCS-ECS-0580 Plant Collection Information (NRCS use only)