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The GRAZE4 program was developed for use to plan, implement and document grazing systems in southwest Missouri.  It utilized the electronic J.S.Agron.1 (Livestock Forage Balance worksheet) developed by staff in Cape Girardeau plus incorporated the Time Control Grazing Worksheet (known to most in this area as GRAZWS1.wk1 and sent to the field offices 9/14/95 by IRM transmittal).  GRAZE4 made improvements to both tools plus added an easy to use graph that plots the amount of forage needed per month against the amount available.  This simple graph does not require any manipulation by the user except simply printing it out.  The Livestock-Forage Balance worksheet can be used independent of the other worksheet.  The Time Control Grazing worksheet requires the Livestock Forage Balance worksheet to be completed first.

It is highly recommended that planners with minimal grassland planning experience ask for assistance on interpretation of these spreadsheets before using GRAZE4 on a wide-scale basis.  This program is a quick and easy tool to use but it is extremely important that the user understands the numbers being generated.

This document requires Microsoft Excel.

GRAZE4 version 3.3 (XLS, 271 KB)