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Missouri CADD Notes

The purpose for CADD NOTES is to provide a medium in which to share tips, techniques, and other pertinent information related to computer aided design and drafting (CADD) software.  A "note" could detail steps needed to accomplish some task or it could be used to distribute a standard drawing with instructions on how to use the drawing.  The intent is for CADD NOTES to continue to grow and to be a useful reference tool in using CADD software.

The current notes have been developed for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 and Eagle Point Version 8.1.0

CADD Note Support Files

Several of the CADD Notes refer to commands that are NRCS developed routines. These commands require various support files to be available in order for the command to work properly. For Missouri NRCS computers, these are installed as part of the Autocad install procedure and so no further user action is needed. For other computers, these support files are available as this single install file:

The following document requires Microsoft Windows.

NRCS MO CADD Support Files install (EXE, 32.4 MB)

Simply download the file and then run it. You should then start AutoCAD (without Eagle Point) to complete the setup process. You should receive a message that the profile has been updated. You should then exit and restart AutoCAD. This file also includes all of the CADD Notes above.

For more details on these CADD support files, refer to CADD Note 4 above.