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Pest Management Standards and Policy

updated 07/12/2012

 These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

 USDA-NRCS National Practice Standard 595 (Pest Management) (pdf; 14 KB)
Describes items that must be considered when designing a pest management system. Describes components that must be put into a pest management plan.

 USDA-NRCS Minnesota Practice Standard 595 (Pest Management) (pdf; 36 KB)
Similar to the National 595 standard but specific to Minnesota.

USDA-NRCS Pest Management Policy
(USDA-NRCS General Manual; Title 190 Ecological Sciences, Part 404 Pest Management)

USDA-NRCS Minnesota Pest Management Planning Policy (pdf; 66 KB)
Minnesota Amendment 25 to National Planning Procedures Handbook.

USDA-NRCS  Minnesota Integrated Pest Management Requirements for EQIP Contracts (pdf; 62 KB)
USDA-NRCS  Minnesota EQIP CAP 114 Integrated Pest Management Supplement (pdf; 37 KB)
USDA-NRCS  Minnesota EQIP CAP 114 Integrated Pest Management Plan Development Criteria (pdf; 45 KB)