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Soil Conservationist

As an NRCS soil conservationist, you'll spend most of your time in the field working with farmers, ranchers, and other land users. You'll offer conservation planning and technical help to everyone from family farmers to local government officials. You'll suggest to them ways to conserve the soil, improve water quality, manage nutrients, and protect and improve wildlife habitat.

You'll help teachers start outdoor laboratories for students. You'll give talks and present conservation demonstrations to clubs and organizations. You'll help people set local conservation priorities. You'll also provide outreach for NRCS programs, and plan, layout, design, and implement conservation practices.

Qualifications: A degree in a major field of study in soil conservation or a related agricultural or natural resource discipline, such as agronomy, soil science, forestry, biology, agricultural economics, agricultural education, or agricultural engineering. You need 30 semester hours in natural science or agriculture, including at least 12 semester hours in a combination of soils and crops or plant science. Of the 12, you need at least 3 semester hours in soils and 3 semester hour sin crops or plant science.